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We are a consulting firm dedicated to helping small to medium size Credit Unions.  Our focus is on improving your Credit Union's ability to better serve its members through optimized IT operations.  We perform audits to determine where gaps may exist between desired practices and actual performance.  We can also review policies and practices to determine where implementations or modifications can enhance business services, employee performance, member satisfaction and provide cost savings. 

Consulting Engagements

Your Credit Union is unique.  It's environment, operations, and staff create a business like no other.  Auditing and consulting to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations must take this into account.  With over 20 years of experience in the Credit Union industry, KGS understands the Credit Union difference.
IT Governance
Are your IT operations adding value to your Credit Union and properly managing appropriate risks?
IT Risk Assessments
Do you understand the risks affecting your IT operations?  Are the processes for managing your IT security risks appropriate and adequate?
Process Audits & Improvements
Doing the right things well is critical today's business environment.  Are your business processes working for or against you?
Security Analysis
Information Security Standards, Policies and Procedures should protect member information and add value to your service delivery.  Do yours?
Disaster Recovery & Business Resumption Do your Business Continuity Plans enable you to continue offering critical services in the event of a disruption and survive a disastrous interruption to your operations?
If you are uncomfortable with your answers on the above, Contact Us today to set up an initial complimentary consultation.

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